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Laser Beam Measurement Ultimate Vocabulary

There are many applications of lasers in which the beam profile is of critical importance. In such applications, it is usually necessary to measure it to insure that the proper profile exists.

For some lasers and applications this may only be necessary during the design or fabrication phase of the laser. In other cases it is necessary to monitor the laser profile continuously during laser operation. For example, scientific applications of lasers often push the laser to its operational limits, and continuous or periodic measurement of the beam profile is necessary to insure that the laser is still operating as expected.

Some industrial laser applications require periodic beam profile monitoring to eliminate scrap caused by laser degradation. In other applications, such as some medical uses of lasers, the practitioner has no capability to tune the laser, and the manufacturer measures the beam profile in design to ensure that the laser provides reliable performance at all times.

In order to make sure you know everything there is to know about laser beam analysis, in this week’s blog post we’ll provide you with a Full Vocabulary of Laser Beam Measurement – A comprehensive list of laser measurement terms and their definitions.–measurement/knowledge-center/article/9547



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