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Centauri – Improvements and New Features in Firmware Release 2.11

Hello, 你好, Bonjour, Hola, Hallo, Привет, Ciao, こんにちは, 여보세요

In order to serve our international customers the world over, the new firmware update for the Centauri touchscreen laser power meter now allows its display to be configured to one of several languages:

English, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Japanese or Korean.

Just select the language appropriate for you on the Centauri meter, and all the display screens will be in that language: 

Also, with this new firmware update you can now enlarge displays in Fullscreen mode on the Centauri’s 7” touchscreen, allowing clear visibility of power measurements from a distance.

Additionally, we have Improved the view and functionality of Log History screen, to make it easier to manage all your recorded log files, whether on the Centauri’s internal memory, or on an external Flash Disk.

And as a bonus, the rate at which you can log every pulse measurement of Energy with our Pyroelectric sensors has been improved, and it is now possible to simultaneously log from two Pyroelectric sensors at a rate of 25kHz each!!



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