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THANK YOU FOR VISITING US AT THE 2018 Photonics west Trade show!

We would like to dedicate this blog post to all of  you who came by our booth (#507) at the 2018 Photonics west Trade show.
Among many other  exciting products, we were glad to introduc the new Centauri laser power meter for the very first time!

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This is why you need to Visit Ophir Next Week at Photonics West 2018


With less than a week to go, the team at Ophir Photonics is getting ready to pack their bags and head off to San Francisco to attend the SPIE Photonics West Conference.

Use a laser? You won’t want to miss our booth (#507) at Photonics West.


Well, here’s a taste of what you will see there:

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FluxGage™ LED Luminaire Test System: Setup and Use

Ophir’s new FluxGage LED Luminaire Test System helps you quickly and easily measure the critical performance parameters of your LED luminaires for optimum production process and quality control.
In this video we’ll see how to set up and use the FluxGage.

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Follow us on social! Here is why…

Our Ophir Photonics – Laser Measurement community is growing, and much of the conversation is happening on social media! We want to connect our laser enthusiasts followers from around the world though everyone’s favorite apps. Please, follow us on social!

Ophir Photonics Group – Laser Measurement (Facebook)

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Going to Munich for Laser World of Photonics 2017?

Going to Munich for Laser World of Photonics2017?
We’ve prepared many things for you to see!

We’ll be showing several exciting new products in Munich this year in addition to quite a few of our classics.
So if you…

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Testing LED Luminaires on the Factory Floor

LED luminaires are being used more and more as a more efficient lighting source, among other applications.

As higher volume of LED luminaires must be pushed through the production line, factories struggle to keep quality control up to the same pace.  The traditional method of testing LED luminaires is using 6- to 10-foot integrating spheres, which simply cannot be used to test each unit at production speeds.

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Integrating Spheres for Lighting and Laser Diode Measurement

An integrating sphere is a powerful tool to capture all the light of a widely divergent beam.  The inside of the sphere is coated to be highly-reflective, in a diffuse manner.  This scatters the light uniformly over the entire interior surface of the sphere (after multiple reflections).

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What to Expect from Ophir at Photonics West 2017 (Booth 1400)

photonics west

Getting ready for Photonics West?

You’re going to be busy at the show, so here’s your cheat sheet: what to see at Ophir’s booth:

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Measuring LED Fixtures & Luminaires:
Without an Integrating Sphere

Need to measure flux, color, and flicker of your LED lamps and luminaires?

FluxGage is a completely new method to measure all these features of your LED, without using an integrating sphere.  This will save you the costs and headaches involved with purchasing a sphere or going to a lab measurements.

Find out more in this video:

For more information on the FluxGage system, click here:

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Measure LED Luminaires without the Fuss:
Introducing FluxGage for Flux, Color, & Flicker

You have a problem.

Your biggest customer just returned a large number of LED fixtures, complaining that they didn’t produce the right flux and their colors varied wildly.

You’d like to just blame it on a fussy customer, but you know deep down they’re right.  You wish you could take each and every LED luminaire to a lab to be tested with an integrating sphere – but honestly, it’s a big headache, not to mention the time and money involved…

So what can you do?

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