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How can I communicate with an Ophir laser Power Meter using a Linux machine?

Let’s say the computers used in your laser environment happen to use Linux as an operating system, and you want to integrate the laser measurements from an Ophir laser power meter into your Linux computer system, preferably via USB communication. Here’s how you can make it happen quickly and easily:

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The only hand-held Ophir meter that measures laser exposure/dosage

Usually, when discussing laser measurements, we often refer to the power or energy of the laser.

Sometimes though, we need to measure the total energy Exposure the total sum of the laser energy deposited over a set amount of time.

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A closer look: Ophir’s most versatile, advanced, ‘do it all’ laser power meter

Another regular day at the office…Let’s say you need to perform a recorded log of the stability of the power density, position and size of your laser beam and present it as data in a table to your manager in a very short time…What would be the ultimate power/energy meter for the task?

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StarLab 3.30 screen capture feature – Simple, quick and ‘on the go’

Let’s say it’s just another working day at the office – you’re working with StarLab (Ophir Laser Measurement PC Software) and you just realized that the graph on the screen indicating the laser Power over the last few minutes needs to be saved because there was some unforeseen event and the Power changed, and you hadn’t had a chance set up and record this with the Logging feature.

Well, not to worry! We’re here for you.

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StarLab 3.30 Pass/Fail limits feature – A closer look

User-defined pass/fail limits allow setting the upper and lower bounds of an acceptable measurement, and getting a clear indication when the measurement deviates from these bounds.

In case you weren’t aware -The ‘pass/fail’ feature can be used as a tool to perform QA final inspection on the laser. Developers can use this to demonstrate the results of a prototype laser to Management (or even VC’s!) as part of the pitch for funding.


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Laser measurement software from Ophir® can now measure laser power from anywhere! – Part 1

We’ve recently talked about 5 great benefits to using Wi-Fi while measuring your laser. It included reasons that had to do with industrial automation environments, avoiding cables and remote laser monitoring.

Now Ophir Sensors can also be monitored remotely over an Ethernet network – the same type of network connection you probably have in your office, allowing connections from distances far in excess of those supported by RS232 or USB.

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