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Analyze your beam measurements using Matlab!

Ophir’s most recent version of StarLab, software that converts a PC to a multi-channel laser power/energy measurement station, incorporates Microsoft® COM Object technology. This technology allows software developers to integrate Ophir laser measurement objects into their software without knowing how laser measurement objects are built.

For example, if a company that manufactures laser systems is developing a software interface to a laser system, they could quickly and easily add a laser measurement application by simply using the Ophir COM object rather than figuring out an appropriate algorithm and developing code themselves.

Demo applications which demonstrate how to incorporate the Ophir COM object, OphirLMMeasurement, into software written in different programming languages are included in the StarLab installation package. MathWorks, a multi-national software corporation that specializes in mathematical computing, has just published a demo showing how to incorporate OphirLMMeasurement in a MATLAB script. MATLAB is one of MathWorks major products. MATLAB is vastly used by engineers and scientists to process data for applications such as: statistic analyzing, image processing, audio processing, high quality graphing, and more. Ophir’s COM object makes it possible to use MATLAB’s abilities to analyze and graph beam measurements as well.

The MATLAB demo application is now also included in the StarLab installation. It could also be found at MathWorks website at this link

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