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A Closer Look: Wide Beam Imager [WB-I]

VCSELs are widely used in a variety of remote sensing and recognition applications, and many times are an essential part of large devices or bulky equipment.

WB-I enables Far- Field beam profiling of diverging or wide sources such as VCSELs and LEDs, during any stage of a production process, on customer site or directly inside devices.

Identify the malfunction on site – Case Study

A service engineer received a repair query, regarding a remote sensing device that was showing incorrect results. The customer was upset, expecting his large and bulky system to be shipped to a laboratory for malfunction diagnostics – which would involve dismantling, reinstallation, and valuable time loss. However, this time, a service engineer was able to identify the malfunction on site using the Wide Beam Imager (WB-I). The WB-I measurement required no significant setting up and was “Ready to use” directly at the customer’s site.

The service engineer used Wide Beam Imager with an Ophir SP920s camera and BeamGage Professional software, to measure the VCSEL profile at various applied current values.

He noticed that the VCSEL used for remote sensing changes from LED to laser mode at slightly different current than expected, and modified the applied current accordingly.

After current modification, the remote sensing system was tested and found to operate properly.



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