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2021 Prism Award Finalist – LBS-300HP-NIR Attenuator !

We are honored that our Beam Splitter for High Power NIR Lasers, the LBS-300HP-NIR Attenuator, is among the 2021 Prism Award finalists!!!

Prism Award is an annual international competition that honors the best new optics and photonics products on the market, and our LBS-300HP-NIR Attenuator has been nominated in the quality control category.

The new Ophir LBS-300HP-NIR beam splitter for high power lasers allows measuring NIR (1000-1100 nm) focused or collimated laser beams profiles up to 5kW or 15MW/cm2. It operates by reflecting a fraction of the incoming beam through the front surface of each of a pair of orthogonally oriented wedges. Less than 0.0001% (1/10 ⁶) of the beam is reflected towards the Ophir Beam Profiler Camera.
This enables analysis of beam shape, focal spot, beam waist, M² of a high-power laser.
Watch the full video here:



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