Calibration Unit FGC100

The FGC100 calibration standard is a current and temperature stabilized LED source designed to calibrate the FluxGage system.
The FGC100 includes a lamp unit and a controller unit.
The FGC100 is calibrated at Ophir from a NIST traceable calibration standard.

Advantages of LED calibration standard
over tungsten standard

• Better spectral match with the device under test.
• Better angular distribution match.
• No excess infra-red radiation (causes stray light in spectrometers)


Parameter Value
Operating temperature [°c] 15-30
Usable time until recalibration of FGC100 is needed [hours] 50
Lamp unit
Outer dimensions (LxWxH) [mm] 94x154x163
Spectral range [nm] 400-800
Flux [lumen] 1000
Control Unit
Outer dimensions (LxWxH) [mm] 184x92x63.5
Input voltage [Vdc] 12
Power consumption [W] 30
Part number of the FGC 100 7Z17040