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Thought Leadership
By Gary Wagner, General Manager (U.S.), Ophir Photonics

W. Edwards Deming said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it,” and “You cannot inspect quality into the product; it is already there.” Instead of trying to inspect-in quality, focus on adding value once you’re assured that the previous process was done right and to specification.

Since the mid-1980’s, tens of thousands of machine vision camera systems have been installed along manufacturing lines and in assembly stations. They can be found in every conceivable industry where there are volume users - automotive, pharmaceutical, medical devices, electronics, aerospace, and, at this point, almost every industry that makes something. Why? Because subsequently adding value to a good part reduces the cost of goods, making the manufacturer more money. In fact, machine vision is one of the reasons the U.S. regained its world position producing quality products at reasonable prices.

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