StarLink Direct to PC Power Sensors

The StarLink series is a select group of Ophir power sensors that are provided packaged with the Ophir Juno USB PC interface. The StarLink sensor with the Juno is connected via a USB cable to the PC USB port and can operate directly with the PC with no need for an Ophir power meter.

The StarLink package includes the sensor, a Juno PC interface and the software.

The software package includes:
  • Ophir StarLab software - the most sophisticated and easiest to use power/energy PC software available anywhere.
  • A COM Object interface and drivers for LabVIEW.
Each StarLink data sheet in the table below includes the following:
  • Specification sheet of the sensor that is part of StarLink (see StarLink P/N below the sensor's P/N)
  • Juno data sheet
  • Ophir StarLab software data sheet
  • LabVIEW data sheet
Below is a list of the StarLink power sensors currently available
   StarLink Sensor StarLink P/N
  PD300-StarLink 787100
  3A-QUAD-StarLink 787203
  10A-StarLink 787004
  10A-PPS-StarLink 787202
  30A-BB-18-StarLink 787006
  50(150)A-BB-26-PPS-StarLink 787200
  30(150)A-BB-18-StarLink 787007
  L50(150)A-StarLink 787003
  FL250A-BB-50-PPS-StarLink 787201
  1000W-StarLink 787005