Compact Juno USB Interface

Ophir Power/Energy Meters - PC Interfaces - Juno
  • Virtual laser power meter - From sensor to interface to PC - no power source needed
  • Plug and play with all standard Ophir smart sensors
  • Record every energy pulse at up to 10 KHz
  • Log power and energy, average, statistics, histograms and more with included StarLab application
  • System Integrator Tools included: LabVIEW VIs, COM Object Interface.
  • Very compact - is just an extension of the smart plug
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  Ophir Laser Measurement Instruments: Displays - Juno Quasar
Compact module to operate one Ophir sensor from your PC USB port. Comes with software. Max repetition rate 10KHz. Powered from PC USB port 7Z01250  
Ophir's Laser Measurement Group provides a complete line of laser measurement instrumentation including laser power meters. Displays Catalog Catalog - Interfaces
PC Interfaces

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StarLab User Guide Catalog - Interfaces
Starlab User Guide

Ophir Photonics laser power meters and PC interfaces works on the smart plug interface allowing any Ophir meter to work with most Ophir laser measurement instruments. Ophir PC interface convert your laptop or desktop PC into an Ophir sensor laser power meter as well as laser energy meter.

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    Juno USB cable Cable USB2.0 A MINI-B (1 unit supplied with Juno) 7E01217  
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  Ophir Laser Measurement Instruments: PC Application - PC Software & Drivers PC Software & Drivers
This section describes various ways to interface the Juno to your PC as well as the software options available.
  Ophir Laser Measurement Instruments: PC interface - StarLab StarLab The StarLab application together with the Juno turns your PC or laptop into a full-fledged Ophir laser power/energy meter. Supports all Ophir laser power/energy sensors. Up to 8 sensors can be displayed at once on one PC. By using the Ophir COM objects, you can control the StarLite, Juno, USBI, Nova II, Vega and Pulsar-1/2/4 devices from your own application.
  Ophir Laser Measurement Instruments: PC Application - LabView LabView Library supplied for a complete measurement interface with most of our USB speaking devices (StarLite, Juno, Nova-II, Pulsar, USBI, Vega). Makes use of our new COM object.
  Ophir Laser Measurement Instruments: PC Application - Firmware Firmware Embedded Software for Juno Interface

Latest Juno firmware (version 1.24)

Use StarLab to upgrade the firmware of your device. Press Here for step-by-step instructions.


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