Laser Energy Sensors

Ophir has two types of energy sensors, pyroelectric and photodiode. Pyroelectric sensors are for measuring repetitive pulse energies and average powers at pulse rates up to 25000 pulses per second and pulse widths up to 20 ms. Photodiode energy sensors are for very low energy pulsed lasers, as low as 200 pJ. Note that single shot energy with pulse rates less than one pulse every 5 s or so can be measured with thermal sensors.

Silicon, Germanium Photodiode Energy Sensors | Laser measurement sensor

Photodiode Energy Sensors – 10pJ to 15µJ
Ophir photodiode laser energy sensors are able to measure low energy pulses down to pJ at frequencies up to 10KHz.

Laser Pyroelectric Energy Sensors | Laser measurement sensor

Pyroelectric Laser Energy Sensors – 0.05µJ to 10J
Ophir pyroelectric laser joule meters use innovative, patented technology which facilitates accurate and repeatable laser measurements of pulses over an extensive range of conditions including long pulses to 20 ms. Ophir's pyroelectric detectors can measure at repetition rates up to 25 kHz.

High Energy Pyroelectric Sensors – 10µJ to 40J
With apertures up to 95 mm, these sensors are similar to the pyroelectric sensors above, but with a diffuser to enable high energy and average power measurement.

Absorption and Damage Graphs | Laser measurement sensor

Spectral and Damage Threshold Graphs
Graphs of spectral absorption and damage threshold and frequency range charts to help choose products.

Absorption and Damage Graphs for Pyroelectric Sensors