Now fully supported by StarLab 3.30, Ophirs Powerful PC software
converts your PC/mobile devices into a complete
laser power/energy meter
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Profinet & RS232 for Industrial Automation Applications

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Our Most Advanced, Yet Easy-to-Use Laser Power Meter

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Ophir power sensors now connect to
your Android phone or tablet!

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Measure really large laser beam power – up to 120 mm
Water-cooled to 2 kW, air-cooled to 500 Watts

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For very high power measurement
Now available with scatter shield

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Very low powers, wide spectral range

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Now supports Windows 10
Upgrade your software today, it's free!

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  • Measure any laser Ophir Photonics has a complete range of laser power meter and laser energy meter products measuring nW to KW and pJ to hundreds of joules.
  • Highly accurate calibrated, linear and repeatable, our laser measurement systems are the most reliable on the market to measure laser power and laser energy.
  • Full support with world-wide distribution coverage, you get laser power meter support for the life of your laser measurement instrument, wherever you are located.
Founded in 1969, Newport is a pioneering single-source solutions provider of laser and photonics components to the leaders in scientific research, life and health sciences, microelectronics, industrial manufacturing, and homeland security markets.