Ophir Laser Measurement Group Releases High-Speed Photodiode Detector
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Utah-based Ophir Laser Measurement Group has launched the new FPS-1 fast photodetector for the measurement of light sources and temporal pulse shape of lasers. The FPS-1 photodiode sensor offers a quick response time of 1 ns with a wide spectral response, and handles the wavelength range of 190 – 1100 nm. 

The high-speed photodiode sensor is compact, and offers ease of operation and flexibility. The photodetector offers two modes of operation, namely, the 10 KOhm and 50 Ohm load, when compared to other fast photodetectors. The 10 KOhm load measures lower and longer peak power pulses, while the 50 Ohm load determines ns high peak power pulses.

The input for the sensor can be from a fiber connection, or a direct beam. The FPS-1 works using a wall cube power supply or a battery. It is available with optional ND filters to fine-tune the sensitivity to the required power level of the light or laser source.


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