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How to Purchase

How To Purchase Spiricon Products That Meet Your Needs

  1. Browse this web site to determine which Spiricon products meet the requirements of your measurements. See the "Product Selection Guide" for ideas.
  2. After becoming familiar with Spiricon's products call either Spiricon sales engineers or your local representative from one of the two representative lists. (USA Representatives, International Representatives)
  3. Discuss your application with a sales engineer to confirm that the product will perform as expected.
  4. In selecting a product that meets your needs, keep in mind the type of laser, its wavelength, spot size, and the maximum energy or power you need to measure. Also keep in mind the important characteristics that you need to measure, whether it be clearly seeing the beam, measuring beam width or divergence, or advanced features like M2.
  5. You may want to have an on-site demonstration of a product on your laser. In this case contact the Spiricon representative for your area, or the Spiricon factory to set up a demonstration.
  6. Alternatively, you may request a demo/loan system, which we can send to you so you can test the system on your laser yourself.


Issues To Consider In Selecting A Beam Analyzer

  1. Select the spatial resolution required to obtain the necessary beam width measurement precision. Remember that at least 7 pixels are required for a ±5% beam width measurement, and 30 for ±1%. Sometimes magnification or reduction optics are necessary to obtain an accurate measurement.
  2. Choose a camera that provides the spectral coverage, spatial resolution, and amplitude resolution required. Some laser systems require additional amplitude resolution when a significant amount of energy resides in the skirt, or wing portion of the beam.
  3. Select a Laser Beam Analyzer with the necessary amplitude resolution. The LBA-300, 400, and 500PC feature 8 bit, 10 bit, and 12 bit resolution respectively.
  4. Determine which beam sampler attenuation accessory matches your laser¹s maximum power or energy, spot size, and spectral content.
  5. Determine whether you want a "turn key" system, or if you wish to install the LBA-PC in an existing computer.

Purchase Procedure

  1. First read the section on how to select Spiricon products, to determine which product meets your needs.
  2. Contact a Spiricon sales representative or the factory and request a quotation for the products you have selected.  Email:
  3. Submit the quotation to your purchasing department so they can issue a purchase order to Spiricon.

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