SP503U - USB Silicon CCD Cameras

USB Silicon CCD Cameras
  • USB 2.0 compatible
  • 64dB true system dynamic range - highest in the industry
  • Programmable high speed electronic shutter
  • Two resolution choices 9.9 and 4.4μm square pixels
  • Gain adjustable to accommodate a wide range of input levels
  • Built in optical trigger synchronizes with even the shortest laser pulses
  • Slim profile and multiple mounting options
Ordering Info
SP503U (Solidworks)
USB Cameras for use with Laptop or Desktop PC
Item Specification
Model SP503U
Application 1/2" format, slim profile, wide dynamic range, CW & pulsed lasers
Spectral Response 190 - 1100nm(2)
Active Area 6.3mm W x 4.7mm H
Pixel spacing 9.9µm x 9.9µm
Number of effective pixels 640 x 480
Minimum system dynamic range 64 dB
Linearity with Power ±1%
Accuracy of beam width ±2%
Frame rates: In 12 bit mode 30 fps at full resolution
60 fps at 320x240
Shutter duration 30μs to multiple frame times
Gain control 43:1 automatic or manual control
  1. BNC connector accepts positive or negative trigger. LED on camera indicates triggering. Will synchronize with laser repetition rates up to 1KHz. Built in pre-trigger allows synchronization to even sub-nanosecond pulses.
  2. Same connector can provide trigger out to synch laser. Supports programmable delay on Strobe Out
  3. Same connector accepts photodiode trigger (see below)
Photodiode trigger Built - in photodiode trigger and Optional photodiode trigger available:
P/N SPZ17005 Triggers from visible up to 1100nm
Saturation intensity 1 1.3µW/cm2 2.2µW/cm2
Lowest measurable signal 1 0.5nW/cm2
Damage threshold 50W/cm2 / 0.1J/cm2 with all filters installed for <100ns pulse width(3)
Dimensions and CCD recess 96mm x 76mm x 16mm CCD recess: 4.5mm below surface
Image quality at 1064nm Pulsed with trigger synch - excellent
Pulsed with video trigger - good
CW - poor
Operation mode Interline transfer progressive scan CCD
Software supported BeamGage STD or PRO
PC interface USB 2.0
  1. Camera set to full resolution at maximum frame rate and exposure times, running CW at 632.8nm wavelength. Camera set to minimum useful gain for saturation test and maximum useful gain for lowest signal test.
  2. May be useable for wavelengths below 350nm but sensitivity is low and detector deterioration may occur. Therefore UV image converter is recommended. Although our silicon cameras have shown response out to 1320nm it can cause significant blooming which could lead to significant errors of beam width measurement. We would suggest our XC130 InGaAs camera for these wavelengths to give you the best measurements.
  3. This is the damage threshold of the filter glass of the filters. Assuming all filters mounted with ND1 (red housing) filter in the front. Distortion of the beam may occur with average power densities as low as 5W/cm².

Cameras are part of a Laser Beam Analysis System
The camera and software are sold as a package

      Item Description P/N  
190 - 1100nm
BeamGage Standard: Beam Profiler Systems (camera and software)
  BGS-USB-SP503 BeamGage Standard software, software license, ½” format 640x480 pixel camera with 4.5mm CCD recess. Comes with USB cable and 3 ND filters. SP90197  
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190 - 1100nm
BeamGage Professional Beam Profiler Systems (camera and software)
  BGP-USB-SP503 BeamGage Professional software, software license, ½” format 640x480 pixel camera with 4.5mm CCD recess. Comes with USB cable and 3 ND filters. SP90236  
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Camera Accessories  
  USB A-B Cable USB Cable with A to B connectors, 5 meter length SP90204  
  USB A-mini B Cable USB Cable with A to mini-B connectors, 5 meter length SP90205  
  Optical Trigger for SP Cameras Optical trigger assembly which can be mounted on camera or separately to sense laser pulses and synchronize SP cameras with pulses. Comes with a BNC cable to for mounting on camera and a stand for mounting separately. SPZ17005
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  Beam Profilers Beam Profilers Catalog
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  Beam Cube BeamGage User Guide
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