Choosing a Laser Beam Profiling System
M2 Laser Measurement
Listen to our sales engineers as they provide inside advice on what you need to consider when configuring the best beam profiling system for your application.

Watch the M2 Demo Video
M2 Laser Measurement
Laser beam quality cannot be determined from a single beam profile measurement. Watch a demo of the Ophir-Spiricon M2-200 beam propagation analyzer as it calculates M2 by focusing the beam with a fixed position lens of known focal length and then measuring the characteristics of the artificially created beam waist and divergence from the near field to the far field.

Watch the beam profiling video
Make sure the laser beam quality you expect is the one that is delivered. See how beam profiling can help you get the most performance out of your laser.

Watch the ModeCheck video
Death of the Mode Burn for
High Power CO2 Lasers
ModeCheck™ is a portable industrial beam profiling system that enables the quantitative measurement and viewing of high power CO2 beams. With this development, toxic mode burns are now a poor substitute for understanding how your laser is operating. Find out why the mode burn is history.

Watch the BeamMaker video
BeamMaker helps engineers, technicians, and researchers understand a beam's modal content by subtracting theoretically generated modes from real beam measurement data. Derive a perfect beam profile by specifying the mode, size, width, height, intensity, angle, and noise content - then comparing it to theoretically derived measurements. The end result is knowledge about how much the real beam varies from the desired beam.

Watch the M2 video
Is your laser beam optimized for your application? In this video, we show why laser developers and manufacturers rely on M2 measurements to design and tune the laser beam quality of their lasers. We also find out how knowing your laser's M2 can benefit your application.