Ophir now measures LEDs!
Need to measure LED irradiance? Dosage?
Absolute power? There's a sensor here for you.

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Upgrade your software today, it's free!

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Over 35 years of laser measurement including accurately
calibrated laser power meters, laser energy meters , Laser
beam profilers & M² beam propagation measurements

The State of the Art BeamTrack Sensors
Measure Power, Beam Position & Beam Size

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35 years of accurate calibrated laser sensors
and meters

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Spiricon & Photon: trusted names in laser beam
profilers & M2 measurements. Beam diagnostic
solutions for any wavelength and any power.

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Our blog updates weekly. Everything you need to know about
laser measurement: guides, tips, case studies, and more.

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Latest News

New! Very low power sensor for wavelengths up to 12 microns Find out more
A new narrowband optical power measurement sensor for lasers and LEDs. Find out more
Measure power of large laser beams – up to 120 mm Find out more
New high power sensor is corrosion-proof Find out more

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