Spare Part

  Description Used with     P/N  
  Universal Ophir Charger Ophir Meters, Fan-Cooled Sensors 7E05029  
  100-240VAC/12VDC Power Supply StarLite, RM9 Chopper 7E05023  
  Battery Vega/Nova II/Quasar 7E14007  
  Battery LaserStar 7Z14006A  
  Battery Nova/Orion 7Z11200  
  Battery StarLite 7E14008  
  Post and Stand Thermal and Pyroelectric Sensors 1Z09001  
  Post and Stand Photodiode Sensors 1Z09004  
  USB Cable Vega/Nova II 7E01205  
  USB Cable StarLite 7E01279  
  USB Cable Juno 7E01217  
  USB Cable Pulsar/USBI 7E01202  
  USB to Bluetooth PC Adapter Quasar 7E10039  
  RS232 Cable (2m) Vega/Nova II 7E01206  
  RS232 Cable (3m) Vega/Nova II 7E01206A  
  RS232 Cable (5m) Vega/Nova II 7E01206B  
  RS232 Cable (8m) Vega/Nova II 7E01206C  
  RS232 Cable Laserstar 7E01121  
  RS232 Assembly (Adapter and 2m Cable) Nova 7Y78105  
  RS232 Assembly (Adapter and 5m Cable) Nova 7Y71052  
  RS232 Assembly (Adapter and 8m Cable) Nova 7Y71051