LaserStar Laser Power & Energy Meter

Двойной канал LaserStar

Измерители мощности и измеритель энергии лазеров

LaserStar — это основанный на микропроцессоре измеритель мощности лазеров с управлением в режиме меню и windows программным обеспечением. Имеются две модели: одно- и двухканальная.

  • Совместимость со всеми стандартными датчиками Ophir: термоэлектрическими, пироэлектрическими и фотодиодными.
  • Большой ЖК-дисплей.
  • Задняя подсветка и перезаряжаемый аккумулятор.
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  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes
  • 1V
  • No
  • 30Hz
  • 1500Hz
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • 59.4K
  • No
  • Yes
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I have multiple sensors. Do I need a specific meter for each sensor or can I use one meter for all of my sensors?

With Ophir's Smart Head technology sensors can be interchanged between different meters easily. The calibration and setting information is stored in the sensors Smart Head connector so it moves with the sensor to the new meter. It is recommended that you power off your Nova meter before removing the sensor, but the new Nova II and Vega meters detect that a sensor has been removed or attached and will power cycle themselves when doing this.

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How does an energy meter measure above the maximum frequency at which it can record every pulse?

The energy meters will then sample at close to its maximum frequency. For instance measuring 10 KHz with a PD10 Sensor and Nova II where the maximum frequency for every pulse on the Nova II is 4 KHz: in this case, the Nova II will pick out pulses at a rate of close to 4 KHz and sample them, i.e. the Nova II will record 40% of the pulses.

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What is the Ophir meter zeroing and when should it be performed?

In all Ophir instruments, all adjustments, including zeroing internal circuits, are done from the software. This ensures simple and accurate realignment. The zeroing process helps eliminate internal biases in the unit which could affect accuracy of measurements. It is recommended to re-zero the instrument every 2 months for best performance. Specific instructions for doing this are found in the relevant User Manual for each instrument.

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Can I use a third party sensor with the Ophir power/energy meters?

No, only Ophir power/energy sensors with the Smart Head connection will work with the Ophir power/energy meters.

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Can the LaserStar work in dual channel mode with pyro and thermal sensors together?

It can work with any sensors in dual mode where they are operating separately but for ratio or difference it can only work with pyro vs. pyro or thermal/photodiode vs. thermal/photodiode.

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Do I need to recalibrate my instrument? How often must it be recalibrated?

Unless otherwise indicated, Ophir sensors and meters should be recalibrated within 18 months after initial purchase, and then once a year after that.

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  • PC Software & Drivers

    This section describes various ways to interface the Ophir meter to your PC as well as the software options available.


  • StarCom

    The StarCom application together with the Ophir meters that utilize the RS232 protocol turns your PC or laptop into a full-fledged Ophir laser power/energy meter. StarCom supports all major Ophir sensors. Supports the Nova, LaserStar, Nova-II, and Vega meters.

  • Ophir LabVIEW VIs for Dual Channel LaserStarOphir LabVIEW VIs for Dual Channel LaserStar
    VIs gives a complete measurement interface with Ophir's Single and Dual Channel LaserStar.

Besides their use as stand-alone, fully featured laser power/energy meters, Ophir devices are easily incorporated into larger end-user applications. This allows system integrators to leverage Ophir’s excellence in measurement capabilities with legacy analysis packages.
RS232 communication is the simplest to integrate into your OEM application. Integrated Development Environments (IDE’s) such as Microsoft Visual Studio provide functions and methods for accessing the PC’s com port.


The following is all that you need to get your RS232 applications up and running

  • Appendix A5 of the StarCom User Manual contains an alphabetical listing and detailed description of all commands available with the Nova, Nova-II, Vega and LaserStar devices.
  • Appendix A4 of the StarCom User Manual gives an example of polling the Nova device for measurements. This was written in VB6.
  • LaserStar RS232 cable (P/N 1E01121, included with the LaserStar)

Besides RS232, the LaserStar can also communicate via GPIB (IEEE 488.1). Using the SDK supplied by the vendor of your GPIB controller hardware, a LaserStar IEEE cable (P/N 7Y78300) and the StarCom User Manual, you can integrate the LaserStar into your GPIB solution.

Easy Setup of an Ophir Power Meter and Sensor Easy Setup of an Ophir Power Meter and Sensor
Setting Your Laser Power Meter To a Custom Wavelength Setting Your Laser Power Meter To a Custom Wavelength Setting Your Laser Power Meter To a Custom Wavelength

Learn how to set the correct wavelength for your measurement, even when the wavelength you need is not one of the default wavelengths offered by the meter.

See how easy it is to setup an Ophir power meter and sensor to measure your laser's power and energy.

Tutorials and Articles

Longer Length Sensor Cables

The Ophir sensors are provided with a 1.5m cable between the sensor and the smart head connector. When a longer length cable is needed it can be provided, as long as it is within operational limits. However it is not possible to add an extension to the cable, because that moves the smart head connector away from the meter or interface unit which can degrade the smart head functionality or disable it.

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Customers that purchase the above items also consider the following items. Ophir-Spiricon meters and sensors include a standard manufacturers warranty for one year. Add a one year Extended Warranty to your meter or sensor, which includes one recalibration.
  • LaserStar Battery Pack

    LaserStar Battery Pack


    Replacement battery pack for LaserStar

  • RS232 Cable for LaserStar

    RS232 Cable for LaserStar


    Cable RS232 D9 - D25 (1 unit supplied with LaserStar)

  • N Polarity Power Supply/Charger

    Power Supply/Charger for Vega, Nova II, Laserstar, Nova, EA-1, Pulsar, Quasar, 6K-W, 120K-W and fan cooled sensors (1 unit supplied with these products)