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Low Power Measurements: Best Practices

Measuring very low power beams of light can be tricky; even small values of noise, drift or offset can have major impact on your readings.
In this video, we’ll look at some best practices that can help you get the best performance from your very low power measurements.

High-Power Laser Process Monitoring: A Tale of Two Tools

Struggling to keep the quality of your industrial laser process consistently high enough?
Meet 2 Ophir instruments that enable you to keep a close tab on your laser process, without getting in its way, so it can be kept stable, consistent, and…maximally profitable.

Ophir’s New Sensor for Measuring IPL Pulses: L40(150)A-IPL

Meet Ophir’s new sensor specifically designed for measuring IPL pulses: L40(150)A-IPL.
In this video, you’ll learn how this sensor can help you overcome the 4 main challenges for correctly measuring pulses in IPL systems.

Laser Parameters for Choosing a Sensor: The pitfall of worst case combinations

Have you fallen into the Worst Case Combination Trap?
Let’s say your laser spec gives a range of values for various parameters. Power from X to Y, beam size from this to that…etc.
Unless the “worst case” numbers for all of the laser parameters will really happen together at once, looking for a sensor that could handle that can lead you to some serious overkill.
Learn how to steer clear of that trap in this video.

“Additional Error with Frequency” – What is That?

In many laser energy sensor specifications, there is an item called "Additional error with frequency".
Learn what that means, and why and when it happens, in this video.


Ophir StarLab, laser measurement software various functions & application overview

Tech Tip: Laser Measurement Affected by Distance

Can a laser measurement depend on the distance from the laser to the sensor?
The answer is…well, it’s not supposed to. But sometimes it does.
In this video, you’ll learn what could make that happen - and what to do about it.

Firmware Upgrade of StarLite and StarBright

Field upgrade of the firmware for the StarLite and StarBright meters is very simple. In this video, we’ll walk through the process, step by step

Increase Production Quality and Efficiency by Measuring with Ophir's Helios Laser Power Meter

For measuring high power lasers in industrial settings, meet Ophir’s Helios.
Designed with factory automation in mind, it has a robust, industrial design for harsh environments, and its communication interfaces make it easy to integrate into factory networks

Wireless Laser Measurements with Ophir’s Quasar

The Ophir Quasar is a Bluetooth interface that enables you to connect a laser sensor to a PC, or to an Android smartphone or tablet, without cables.
In this short video, you’ll learn what it can do and how to get started using it.

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