M²– Beam Propagation Analysis

M², or Beam Propagation Ratio, is a value that indicates how close a laser is to being a single mode TEM00 beam, which in turn determines how small a beam waist can be focused. For the perfect Gaussian TEM00 condition the M² equals 1. M² cannot be determined from a single beam profile measurement. The ISO/DIS 11146 requires that M² be calculated from a series of measurements. M² is measured on real beams by focusing the beam with a fixed position lens of known focal length, and then measuring the characteristics of the artificially created beam waist and divergence. We have a number of solutions for the measurement of M² ranging from simple manual processes to fully automated dedicated instruments, depending on the frequency of the need to measure M² of lasers and laser systems.

  • BeamSquared

    IֺֺSO compliant Automatically measure your beam quality in under 1 minutes Tune your laser for best operation Specifically developed for continuous usage Unequaled accuracy using patented Ultracal™ Calibration Long optical train & automatic attenuation adjustment Flexible mounting configurations, install horizontal or vertically Pulsed and CW for most beam diameters and powers Compact and portable Detectors from 266nm to 10.6μm
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  • MS-1780 Laser M² Measuring System

    MS-1780 Laser M2 Measuring System
    The ModeScan Model 1780 is a laser beam profiling instrument that measures the M² Beam Propagation Ratio and all associated ISO 11146 parameters instantaneously in real time at video rates to over 20Hz. The measurement technique, patented by Photon Inc., uses 10 reflective surfaces to form simultaneous images of the propagating beam at 10 locations on a Model 2512 CCD array camera. With all ten measurement positions acquired at once, the instrument is suitable for measurement of both CW and
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  • NanoModeScan M² Measuring System

    NanoModeScan Laser M2 Measuring System
    This scanning slit M² measurement system accurately analyzes lasers with wavelengths from UV to Far Infrared with its silicon, germanium, or pyroelectric head. It features a compact portable design, immediate results, ISO compliant measurements, and operates in CW or kHz Pulsed modes which makes it ideal for comprehensive analysis of lasers of most wavelengths. Scanhead Travel: 500mm USB 2.0Interface M² Analysis Software included
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