Ophir’s R&D department focuses on design and development of lens sub-assemblies, CO2 optics products and improving manufacturing techniques. The goal is to develop lens assemblies with very high optical & mechanical performance, while aiming to achieve the highest manufacturing efficiencies. In close association with our customers, we strive to provide unique solutions, perfectly tailored to their specific requirements.

Ophir employs Optical Designers, Mechanical Engineers, Electronics Engineers, Software Engineers and Physicists - using the most advanced optical and mechanical design software such as: ZEMAX, CodeV and SolidWorks.

The high optical design capabilities allow Ophir to offer unique, inventive and cost-effective solutions for a wide range of applications starting from single-element designs for low-end commercial applications, up to the most demanding high-end zoom lens for defense projects. Ophir has established an Optics Laboratory equipped with the most advanced measures allowing us to perform accurate measurements for IR lens sub-assemblies evaluation and characterization.

Ophir has also the in-house capabilities for designing and building controllers for motorized and zoom lens sub-assemblies.