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EZ Clean Wipes™

EZ Clean Plus™

Ez Clean PlusEZ Clean Plus™ - an innovative wipe used for deeper cleaning of optical laser lenses in conjunction with basic EZ Clean™ Wipes, which are used for more routine cleaning.

Composed of special non-scratch fabric, EZ Clean Wipes deposit a pre-measured amount of ethanol, which is ideal for routine cleaning of laser lenses.

When deeper cleaning is required, EZ Clean Plus wipes are used to counteract the quick-drying effect of the ethanol with a vinegar-based solution that separates dust and other contaminants from the lens surface more effectively.

A final once-over with the basic wipe removes any residue and the lens is ready for use in a matter of seconds.

EZ Clean replaces a five-step process – using ethanol by the bottle, cotton swabs and lens paper – for less laser down-time and longer lens life.


Cleaning instructions with vinegar : 

Always wear powder-free finger cots or latex gloves when handling the optics.

1. Gently wipe the optic's surface with the EZ clean ethanol wipe.

2. Take "EZ clean plus" vinegar wipe and clean the optical surface in an "S" motion.

3. Repeat step no. 1 with unused "EZ clean" ethanol wipe, to remove any acetic acid.

When finished, no streaks should be visible.

EZ Clean new formula

EZ Clean new formulaEZ-Clean, an innovative disposable wipe for the routine cleaning of optical laser lenses.
Composed of special non-scratch fabric, the wipe deposits a pre-measured amount of quick-drying cleaning fluid that leaves no residue.

The EZ-Clean package comes with 24 ready-to-use wipes, in which one wipe cleans one lens in a matter of seconds.
Single swipe replaces five-step procedure using ethanol, cotton swabs and lens paper, a few seconds; cleaning translates into significantly less down-time for our customers' machinery.

Download EZ Clean Instructions