Lasers Used in Aesthetics Treatments: A brief overview

Lasers and IPLs (intense pulsed light) are used for a wide variety of aesthetic treatments. Here is an overview (summarized from this article by Burt Mooney) of some of the therapies and the types of lasers used for each. The types of lasers used changes over time as new technologies evolve.

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BeamGage: Can dB be used rather than watts

Q. There is a certain group that works with fibers. dB (decibel) measurements are the typical measurement unit used in their business. Is there an option in the power measurement values to select dB rather than watts?

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6 Top factors for accurate power and energy meter calibration

The accuracy of power and energy meter calibration is dependent on many factors. Among others, these factors include:
1. Wavelength: Measuring heads need to be calibrated at a few wavelengths since absorption differs with change in wavelength.

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Laser Power Measuring Simplified with Wireless technology

For many laser users, the extra cables in the work space from laser power meters is not a big deal. But in many instances it can be anywhere from a nuisance to detrimental to the work process.

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Is My Camera-Based Laser Beam Profiler Accurate?

Customers ask us how they can know if their laser beam profiler is accurate. This is an excellent and important question but unfortunately, there is no simple answer.
The article “A discussion of laser beam profiling and the subject of accuracy” goes in depth explaining what in the Ophir-Spiricon analyzers leads to high accuracy. Two of the main factors that create accuracy in our products are the following:
1. The imager: The cameras in our profilers are so accurate that any discrepancy is inconsequential. This is achieved by using pixels created through semiconductor photolithography, a very precise process. The distance between the pixels is in the range of angstroms (0.1 nanometers) and any variation at that level is inconsequential.
2. The image processing and data computation: It isn’t enough for the camera to be accurate. The processing of the data must be accurate as well. In some cases, where there is a lack of correct algorithms, the results could be no more than a good approximation. Our algorithms are very advanced but to make sure of this, we test every single piece of our software against simulations that are written independently of our software so as not to cross contaminate the process.
We also recently came out with a very helpful feature called BeamMaker which is integrated into BeamGage, our latest software. BeamMaker generates a mathematically perfect laser beam so that users can play around with their software in order to make sure they know how to use it properly.
You can read the full article to learn more about the camera, electronic processing, A/D (analogue to digital) conversion, image processing and data computations in the Ophir-Spiricon profilers.

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Looking for a Webmaster

We are looking for a Webmaster for our office in Jerusalem
Come join a great high tech company and a professionnal marketing team.


  •  Internet Marketing
  •  Administration of all company’s websites
  •  Website development and implementation of new features and updates
  •  Uploading new content to the CMS
  •  Content management
  •  Advanced analytics
  •  Server side administration
  •  Improve on the site’s performance


  •  Webmaster or Programming Course- A must
  •  Academic Degree- A plus
  •  Internet Marketing Course- A plus
  •  3-5 years of experience managing medium to large website
  •  1-2 years of experience in programming- a plus
  •  Experience in CSS, HTML, PHP, MySQL
  •  Knowledge in Drupal cms
  •  Knowledge in SEO & PPC
  •  Experience in Google analytics & conversion
  •  Experience in Google webmaster tools
  •  Experience working with hosting vendors (DNS, servers)
  •  High level of English
  •  Experience in Digital B2B marketing – a plus
  •  Experience in Social Media ( YouTube, LinkedIn, twitter, FB, google+)- a plus
  •  Experience in Photoshop- A plus

**Live in the Greater Jerusalem Area*

Please send Cover & Resume to Add to subject- “Job #1133” or fill the form

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A Shopping List for Your Beam Profiler

Choosing the best profiler for a laser is a complex process. There is no one profiler available that works with all lasers because of all the factors involved. Here we’d like to help you begin figuring out what to focus on when doing laser profiler shopping (window or otherwise).
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Is Your Laser’s Beam Profile Shaped Correctly for Your Application?

Is your laser’s beam profile shaped correctly for your application?
This video teaches the fundamentals of laser beam profiles, differences between various equipment and discusses the benefits of profiling your laser beam.
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The New Sensor Finding Program Can Now Be Found On Our Site

Our website has been completely refurbished. It has become much easier to use with its new interface. We now provide 3D Solid files of our laser power/energy sensors (which can be found next to the sensors’ datasheets) so that you can easily integrate the sensor into your product or machine. We’ve also put a new program into the site, the Sensor Finder, which helps you find all the sensors that will work with your laser.
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New Laser Filter For UV Lasers

Almost all lasers need attenuation before pointing them at a camera for profiling because otherwise they are too strong. One either needs a beam splitter or a filter. The splitter, though a fine solution, allows for less adjustment than a filter. Until now there were only beam splitters for UV lasers but now Ophir-Spiricon has released special filters, the Neutral Density Laser Beam Filters for UV Wavelengths (UV-ND Filters).

The filters that existed before this new one are made of glass so they don’t work with UV-wavelength. On the other hand, the Ophir-Spiricon UV-ND filters use fused silica which can transmit at much shorter wavelengths (190-380nm).

To learn more about these new filters for UV lasers and the technology used to ensure smooth and accurate transmission through the filters to the beam profiler camera, read Ophir Optronics Announces New Neutral Density Laser Beam Filters for UV Wavelengths.

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