FAQ: Photodiode Sensors for Measuring Very Low Powers

FAQ Photodiode Sensors for Measuring Very Low Powers

In this short “Basics” video, we review in general the use of photodiode sensors for measuring very low laser powers.

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    Hi Wolfgang,

    If I understand correctly you want to use the PD300 sensor to measure ambient light, but the problem is it’s response is not the same along the spectral curve.

    That’s why you need to choose a specific wavelength. Each wavelength corresponds to a point on the calibrated wavelength curve.

    I would discuss in more detail with your local rep: http://www.ophiropt.com/laser-measurement-instruments/contact/sales, but my best guess is the PD300-BB could give you what you need. The BB version is the same photodiode with a special filter that makes the spectral response near-flat. I could imagine that sensor working for this.

    Again, I would discuss this with your sales rep just to be sure.

    Good luck,

  • Wolfgang

    I have a P300 detector (P/N 1Z02410). I would like to measure the optical power of ambient, visible light in our lab. Is there a mode to correct the readout of the sensor for visible light (400 – 700 nm)?
    Thanks for any answer, Wolfgang

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