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Video: Quality Control 4X Throughput

In this video, Dick Rieley (Mid-Atlantic Sales Manager) recounts how a customer was able to increase his laser measurement  throughput by 4x!

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Testing LED Luminaires on the Factory Floor

LED luminaires are being used more and more as a more efficient lighting source, among other applications.

As higher volume of LED luminaires must be pushed through the production line, factories struggle to keep quality control up to the same pace.  The traditional method of testing LED luminaires is using 6- to 10-foot integrating spheres, which simply cannot be used to test each unit at production speeds.

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Measure Laser Spot Size & Power Density

If you read our article from last week, you’re already well aware that additive manufacturing can be used to create parts that are impossible to manufacture in any other way.

However, the quality and reliability of the additive manufacturing system depends on the spot size and power density of the laser.

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Assuring Correct Metallurgy in Direct Laser Melting

Additive manufacturing has restructured prototyping, development, and advanced design of mechanical components. Direct Metal Laser Melting, also known as Selective Laser Sintering or 3D Metal Printing, is quickly becoming the standard for designs that cannot be fabricated with traditional metal removal techniques. To create consistent, strong structures using laser-based additive manufacturing processes that meet flyable DOD standards or FDA requirements, the metallurgy must be consistent. In addition, a laser beam of known dimension, power density, and focal spot location is required.

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Laser Beam Optics Calculators

A laser is a complicated animal.

Whether you’re a lab researcher or an industrial worker, there are several parameters you might need to calculate, such as power density or ideal focus spot size.
We’ve recently added a few calculators to our website. I hope these calculators make your work just a little bit easier.
We have five laser optics calculators (so far):

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Can You Really Measure Laser Beam Quality (M Squared) in Real Time?

M-Squared is arguably the single most important factor when determining the potential efficiency of your laser.

However, it can be a pain to measure.  Since the beam quality can be calculated only by taking several measurements along the laser beam caustic, you will typically need to move either the camera or laser source along its axis to get snapshots at different locations.

Here are two approaches you can use that actually DON’T move the camera or the laser:

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Measuring Really Small Laser Beams (< 10 microns)

Profiling small laser beams and measuring the beam size (or mode field diameter) can be a serious challenge. But it’s critical to measure, especially in such applications as fiber optic coupling efficiency, defect scanning, optical design and optical fabrication process control.

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Recalibrating Your Laser Power Meter for Long-Term Accuracy and Reliability

We’d all like to imagine that our things will stay in mint condition forever.  But we know that’s not the case.  Just like laser degrade (and therefore must be measured), the measurement equipment itself will slowly drift away from its precise calibration.

This is why we recommend yearly calibration.  If you aren’t sure when your laser power or energy is due for recalibration, you can check by connecting it to a meter.  If it needs to be recalibrated, a notification will pop up on the first screen.

Here’s how the recalibration process works.

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Ophir’s 2017 Catalog Has Arrived!

If you have a laser, you need to measure it.

Whether you’re cutting metal, treating patients, or experimenting in the lab, you depend on your laser.  But lasers are made of matter, and all matter deteriorates.  So you measure it, to keep it under control.

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What to Expect from Ophir at Photonics West 2017 (Booth 1400)

photonics west

Getting ready for Photonics West?

You’re going to be busy at the show, so here’s your cheat sheet: what to see at Ophir’s booth:

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