Ophir’s Photonics group manufactures, calibrates and sells a complete line of accurate NIST compliant instruments for analyzing and measuring laser power, energy, position, size and beam profile (Spiricon LLC & Photon brands), which are used in industrial, medical and scientific research.

Ophir Photonics group is part of Newport, a multinational corporation and global leader in providing photonics solutions.

About the authors



Effy Shafner is the main writer and editor for the Ophir Photonics laser measurement blog. Although new to the world of laser measurement (and blogging), he takes a no-nonsense approach to the blog: if it doesn’t interest our readers, it won’t be published. Effy is currently finishing a degree in electrical engineering at the Jerusalem College of Technology.

Effy is no physicist, nor does he have a degree in blogging (does anyone?). However, he has a unique combination of skill sets, including creative writing and a love of the hard sciences, which enables him to thrive in the hi-tech blog environment. This, and the support of Ophir’s many laser-measurement experts, means that Ophir’s blog should be your first stop when searching for answers to your laser measurement questions.




Mark Slutzki has been with Ophir Photonics since 2004, and serves as Product Manager for Power and Energy Measurement Solutions. Prior to that, he held similar positions in the Semiconductor and Telecom industries. Mark did military service as a research physicist working on special projects in the Israeli Air Force. He has a degree in Electro-Optics and Applied Physics.